DI Chair decides to 'suspend' the DI Thames Valley Centre

In November 2020, the DI Chair told the RPS DI Thames Valley team that he had decided to suspend the Centre without further discussion, for not holding events during the pandemic.

The extreme nature of the suspension, and the very protracted process of restarting, showed that the suspension was little short of closure. The DI Thames Valley team saw little option but to part company with the DI Group.

The good news is we are now part of the RPS Thames Valley Region. We still have the intention to hold events at Wokingham, for everyone in the Thames Valley and the other Regions nearby. The other good news is that we have been assured that our presentation equipment and other assets move with us. So we are 'good to go' as soon as circumstances permit.

A big thank you to all of our loyal followers who have supported us throughout. One thing to remember is that we will not be permitted to offer tickets at favourable prices to DI Group members, though we will of course offer the best value for money for all, and will certainly honour all 2020 Season Ticket obligations.

We know that some DI members have decided to leave the DI Group as a consequence of what has happened to 'their Centre'. Others may do the same because there will be no additional ticket advantage through DI membership. But we urge you all to stay with us while we endeavour to offer you an even broader photographic experience through the RPS Thames Valley Region. All will be welcome, regardless of their home Region!

Useful contacts for more information:

DI Group Chair Ian Race ~ DI Centres Liaison Barrie Brown ~ Thames Valley Regional Organiser Graham Wilson

A little background:

The DI Thames Valley Centre had been active for around two decades, and had probably staged more events in that time (eight every year) than the rest of the DI Centres put together. We had drawn large audiences, which obliged us to move to a larger venue in Wokingham eight years ago. We were the best-equipped of all of the Centres, and had received much praise for our events from presenters and audience alike, for our professional standards and welcoming atmosphere. As a consequence we attracted many new members to the DIG itself. DI Thames Valley had been able to hold two events early in 2020 before Covid-19 restrictions were introduced, but the team had been working tirelessly behind the scenes since then with forward bookings, hall contract, equipment maintenance, etc, to make sure we would be ready to start as soon as we were able.